About Agreon

Agreon is a network of West Flamish SME's that develops innovative products for the agricultural sector. It brings farmers and SME's together, with the aim of helping to make the agricultural sector greener and the SME's economically stronger. 

Agreon is the broker between SME's, agri- and horticulturers and research and educational institutions. The development and implementation of cleantech products for the agricultural sector is a priority in this network. Agrocleantech is about all technologies, products, processes and services making it possible for agri- and horticulturers to diminish the impact on the environment and to produce economically profitable. 

Agreon is a joint venture between POM and Inagro, both external privitized agencies and is coordinated by Inagro, a research and advice center for agri- and horticulture in West Flanders. 

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