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Automatic control choice of water source with registered consumption

Deep groundwater extraction is in West Flanders more and more restricted. New licenses are granted with more difficulty or not at all, and existing wells are limited to an annual maximum. Rainwater, from collection on roofs, is not always available and unevenly spread out throughout the year. Tap water is always available, but a rather expensive solution.

Alternative water abstraction, such as deep drainage, is therefore more and more applied by companies. However this water is often quite high in terms of pH and dilution with water of low pH is sometimes necessary. This project was designed to map out the various water resources, both in terms of availability (level wells and keep consumption to legal limit) and in terms of quality (chemical composition and pH). This is done by means of a computer program that also permits to automatically intermingle the different sources in function of the quality and the available water from each source. By the measurement of the daily consumption and measurements of the levels in the wells can the different resources be monitored. This also allows for an abnormal consumption in the stables (leaks) to be quickly observed.

Realisation of SME Dever-Hiele BVBA (Vleteren)

on pig farm of Pascal Debeuf-Martine Verdonck (Elverdinge)

together with VTI Poperinge (dep. elektromechanics)

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