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Low-Cost plants monitor on the basis of the stem thickness variation and ambient parameters

The plants monitor has the objective to chart the 'well-being' of the plant and to warn when this is no longer the case. From previous research (IWT-project fytomonitoring) it is evident that the variation and daily increase of the stem thickness is a good measure for the water management and growth of a plant. Using this information it is possible to optimise the water supply and to make the corrections for adverse growing conditions. Such tool limits the cultivation risk, and may give rise to a higher yield, and to lower water consumption, with production of less wastewater.

The monitor measures the variation of the stem thickness a number of times per hour and takes this data in relation to the prevailing humidity, air temperature and light intensity around the plant.
The data of the plants monitor are transferred wirelessly and in real-time from the grower to the server of Inagro. The server processes this data and, on the basis of a model gives the answer whether they correspond with what is predicted. When the instantaneous crimp and growth cycle of the plant shows deviations from the predicted, the producer receives a warning, through SMS or email. The grower can then act on the water supply.
The whole system consists of 1 or more self-supporting plants monitors attached to the stem of the plant and 'grow' with the plant. On each conservatory a gateway is provided which can send the data of several of these sensors to the internet.


Realisation of SME Signum engineering (Waregem)

On tomato company of Henk Van de Velde (Zedelgem)

together with Inagro

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