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Design and experimental testing of innovative 2R cubicle

The cubicles on the market are provided with a tree wither that forces the cow to lay down on a specific spot. Certain cows are hesitating to lay down after entering the cubicle, they are 'searching'. Sometimes it resulting in not laying down at all or cows laying crooked in the cubicle.


2R ligbox - Koe in een ligbox

Although lying straight in the cubicle is essential: the cubiles stay cleaner, which result in better udder health and less use of antibiotics and other drugs. In the end less labour has to be done and there is no residual milk which can't be sold, caused by the treatment with antibiotics. Another advantage of cleaner cubicles is the smaller requiered amount of bedding material (straw/lime, sawdust, sand). Again, less labour has to be done to clean the cubicles and to add bedding material.   

By the design of the cubicle the cow is gently forced to stay straight when entering the cubicle and automaticly will lay down straight. There are no 'blind spots' in the cubicle. The tree wither (necessary and always present in conventional cubicles) can be omitted and replaced by two guidance wings.

In this project two prototypes of this new innovative cubicle will be designed annd integrated in an existing dairy stable of Dezeure-Oyaert (Veurne). A comparative test will be set up and followed by Ugent/ILVO to determine and evaluate the preference of the cows for the different types of cubicles. 


Realisation of SME Wim De Reu (Koekelare)

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