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Protein and starch recovery for use as animal feed in a pig holding

It would be very interesting if crop debris of various crops, which at the moment are left behind on the plot or products from the preservation process that do not find any more marketing could still be valued as an untapped food resource. This would have a positive influence on the nitrate residues and this would also reduce feeding costs, which at this time is the main cost parameter in pig farming. In order to actually be able to use these products as food source the organic materials should be thermally digested, so that the protein and starch present becomes digestible for the animals.


This project aims at the achievement of the pilot scheme to use organic material as swine food. The pilot plant will be built on the holding of Johan Lavens in cooperation with Vermeulen Construct nv. The company has at the moment a mash feed system, in which this new installation would function. After a successful implementation of the pilot scheme the various waste streams are assessed by means of analysis. These analyses would happen in the first instance on the organic matter, before and after processing. This is to review the efficiency rate, the composition of the layers and to select the most suitable waste stream. Subsequently it is the intention to also carry out analyses on the animals themselves. For these studies we can count on the cooperation of the laboratories of ILVO and Inagro.


Realisation of SME Vermeulen Construct NV (Ieper)

on pig holding of Lavens NV (Westrozebeke)

together with ILVO en Provimi (Cargill)

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