Automatic control of choice of water source with registered consumption

An affordable and reliable water supply is on a livestock farming business critical. Optimal use of all available water resources is therefore essential. This new installation provides an automatic monitoring and control of water use by which the various water resources can be matched to each other in a way to provide the necessary water as cheap and efficient as possible. 

To make it feasible for the livestock farmer to switch smoothly between the various water resources the company Dever-Hiele BVBA developed an automatic control program. With this developed monitoring and control system you can as a farmer control the choice of the different water sources easily. Sensors detect the availability of an alternative water source (rain water, drainage water, water from deep drainage) and in the first instance connect this to the pumps. Only when there is no alternative water anymore available, is the deep groundwater connected. The pumped up water can be registered and limited on the basis of the licence. When you can no longer use groundwater, it can automatically be transferred to the expensive tap water. By optimising the use of the available water the cost of water of the farm can be suppressed. In addition, the annual consumption of the different supplies can be followed up. So you can for example notice an abnormal consumption within the stable quickly.