Protein and starch recovery for use as animal feed in a pig holding

At a pig farm the margins are already under considerable pressure since a few years by a combination of low output prices with high feed costs. The pricing of the latter occurs at the level of the world market by a strong dependence on imports of raw materials. In addition at a farm increasingly large quantities of organic waste streams remain unused and left behind on the field. For example harvest residues with various vegetable crops in open air, but also waste streams that arise after washing, sorting, classifying... . To make these protein rich streams digestible for single stomach animals is an appropriate treatment as well as a heat treatment necessary. This temperature increase ensures that protein and starch becomes digestible for bacteria present in the small intestine. For this purpose SME Vermeulen Construct built an installation consisting of a wash drum and hammer mill that cleans and grinds crop residue finely and sends it to a thermal shutter.

This shutter is the heart of the operation and brings the crop residue at the required temperature of 80 to 120 °C. The stream flows through a tube-in-tube medium of which the outer sheath is heated with the focus on energy recovery. After a few hours staying time in a fermentation tank the mixture may be intermingled in the broth feed ration of the pigs.