Variable spraying

The technology of variable spraying is based on multisectral images. The technology already exists in our neighbouring countries (The Netherlands, Germany, ...) on bigger arable farms, but it isn't yet introduced in Flanders. 

On the 45.00 m wide spray lines of the self-propelled Delvano spray machine of farmer Ch. Deprez 6 Trimble Green Seeker sensors will be mounted. This can measure the chlorophyll condition of the leaves optically by an infrared signal that can be reflected by the leave of the plant. SME Delvano will add adapted software (new spraying computer) and also necessary cabling to make a variable spraying possible based on the observations of the Green Seekers. 

On the basis of the observed condition of the leave a variable application of liquid nitrogen in the winter wheat will be used. Through this light green leaf spots will get more fertilisation administered than dark green leaves. This targeted fertilisation will be evaluated by harvesting with RTK GPS, which makes it possible to determine the yield site-specific. The advantage of a variable fertilisation is a more efficient administration of fertilising resources that are more environmentally friendly and will lead to cost saving.

In addition, the technique is also applied for weed killing in potatoes in which the still highly green plants will get a higher dose of weed killer than already decayed patches in the plot. Here again the advantage of a more efficient use of weed killer resources results in a lower input of chemicals. Also the quality of the harvested potatoes will increase because by giving highly green plants a higher dose (instead of the normally equal dose for the whole field) these patatoes will be better ripen at the moment of harvesting. This results in a better conservation.