ManuREsource 2021

24 november 2021 - 26 november 2021


ManuREsource is an international triple-helix conference for scientists, policy makers, consultants, farmers and professionals on the theme of manure management. The conference will host participants from around 20 countries. During the parallel sessions, the focus will be the exchange of experiences between regions on the measures taken for coping with manure surpluses, both in terms of manure management in a broad sense, and more specifically in terms of manure treatment. Also the current developments and innovations in manure treatment technologies and the various valorisation strategies for manure, like energy production and nutrient recovery, will be explored.


  • Fertilising with manure, digestate and derived products
  • Product innovations and new markets for manure & digestate
  • Process innovations in manure & digestate treatment
  • Environmental impact of manure/ digestate management and treatment


24 and 25 November 2021
On Friday 26 November 2021 a facultative field trip with exclusive site visits to local manure processing installations will be organised.


At the Agri&Food Plaza, headquarters of ZLTO, in ‘s Hertogenbosch (NL).


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